Spiritual awakening among the masses through Satsangs

For the past 50 years, inspiration for self-discipline and uprightness & devotion is instilled through satsangas & ‘Dhyan Yog camps.’

Philanthropic deeds by the Ashrams & Samitis

Spiritual & Societal upliftment of innumerable people is undertaken by more than 425 ashrams & over 1400 Shri Yog-Vedanta Seva Samitis situated/established across the globe.

Baal Sanskar Kendras

Free of cost noble impressions are cultivated by thousands of Baal Sanskar Kendras.

Yuvadhan Suraksha Abhiyan

Self-discipline & probity in the character of millions of young boys & girls is nurtured through ‘Yuvadhan Suraksha Abhiyan.’

A Revolutionary Beginning

  1. Parents Worship Day is celebrated on 14th February.
  2. Tulsi Worship Day is marked on 25th December.

Protection & Enrichment of the Mother Cow

Pujya Bapuji says – “We never feed cows, Cows feed and nourish us.” Under the benign inspiration of Pujya Bapuji, there are more than 45 cow-shelters being run throughout the country tending & taking care of 9000 cows.

Distribution of money, food & other necessities of life

Development of the poor, tribal & backward people, awareness about dedication towards religion are ensured by means of kirtana, satsanga & bhandaras.

‘Chant the Divine name, Eat food & take home money’

By absorbing the old, deprived & orphans in Divine remembrance, sustenance is provided to them through food & cash amount of Rs.70 per person per day. Also, ration cards are given by the ashram through which food and other necessities are given free of cost to the poor.

Yuva Seva Sangh

Yuva Seva Sangh is sincerely dedicated to the development of patriotism, self-restraint, uprightness and spirituality among the youth.

Initiatives for Women Upliftment

  1. Mahila Utthan Ashrams are managed to facilitate the women folk desirous of advancement in their spiritual practices, meditation & worship.
  2. Women empowerment is encouraged by the Mahila Utthan Mandal.
  3. Campaigns like fostering ‘Divya Shishu Sanskar’ & preventing ‘Foeticide’ are undertaken. Centres for cultivating divine virtues in child inside the womb are set up.

Managing Gurukuls

  1. Sant Shri Asharamji Gurukul is a unique blend of contemporary & Vedic education.
  2. There are more than 40 Gurukuls throughout India nurturing marvelous impressions in the tender minds.

Assistance to the poor students

Free distribution of note-books, uniform, study material etc. to the deprived students is carried out.

Upliftment of the Prisoners

‘Prisoner elevation’ programmes are conducted, also video satsanga & noble literature are provided in jails.

Campaign to Protect the Environment

  1. Plantation of Pipal, Amla, Neem & Tulsi etc is done.
  2. Prayers, japa, steadfast resolves & yajnas are arranged for global beneficence, conservation of the environment, preservation of mother cow and river Ganges etc.

Relief operations in natural calamities

Emergency services are pioneered during natural disasters.

Yoga & Ethical programmes

  1. Free of cost guidance through Yoga & Ethical programmes is provided in schools.
  2. ‘Students’ Elevation Camps’ are organised to enhance acumen & steadfast willpower of the students for their bright future.

Medical Services

  1. Free Medical Camps are organised.
  2. Mobile-Dispensary services are made available.
  3. Fruits, milk, medicines & noble literature are distributed free of cost in hospitals.

Restoration of Festivals

Inculcated celebration of festivals like Holi, Deepavali, Mahashivratri, Gopashtami, Nutan Varsh (New Year), Birthdays etc. according to inherent Indian and Vedic traditions.